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Are you letting food get in the way of living?

Who would have thought that food controls so much of our lives!  You've experienced the stress of IBS (where's the closest bathroom!), bloating so bad that it feels like your stomach will explode!  And let's not forget the fire burning of acid reflux!  What about the fear of low blood glucose or the high for that matter, and all the mental fatigue of not feeling well.  Isn't it exhausting!?

Actually finding a solution, well that feels like an uphill battle, right?  Someone says the answer is in a new shake or supplement, the latest diet brings promise of more confusion and conflicting advice.  I know, you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re still just as overwhelmed as when you started.

I understand because I've been where you are.  The good news is, I've come out shining on the other side and I'm here to support you and remove the confusion.

You've landed on the right page at the right time!  You KNOW you deserve to feel better than you have been, and you’re ready to be an ACTIVE participant in getting there.  No more miracle diets and band-aids, pills, injections or other quick fixes.

As a healing foods company, we hear you loud and clear, and are here to support you.  We'll share with you how food can be YOUR tool for achieving balance and harmony in your everyday routines of life.  With step-by-step guidance, I'll meet you where you are along your path, help you through any  emotional eating and food overwhelm.  Using the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition you'll be able to shift your food mindset, reduce your pain, and improve your health at the deepest level. At Ki’s Kitchen you’ll learn how to eat to heal and strengthen your longevity, by including foods that resonate with your heart, your culture, heritage and traditions, foods that and feed your joy, so you can live a life of abundance!

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You deserve to be truly heard, without judgment. I am here to listen to your story with compassion, understanding and respect.

I know the loneliness of illness.  You feel like no one understands how the pain and worry consumes your every thought!  I know the fear that kidnaps your mind and makes you think - is this it?  Am I destined to feel like this for the rest of my life?

You've become snippy and curt with your loved ones, you're always tired yet you're popping supplements like candy.  You're always in pain or some state of discomfort, and yet you still have to meet your deadlines, cook the meals, pack the lunches, and go to the soccer practices.  Despite how you feel you still have to show up and do all the things you do, no matter how exhausted you are.  I know, I lived that life for many years.

It can all seem very confusing and at times even overwhelming to fit in everything you need to to feel better.  How often have you said - I don't have time to work on myself, I'll do it later when things settle down.  But later never seems to find you and you're not feeling any better.

You're in need of someone to listen, to really hear you free of judgement.  I am that person, I want to hear your story.  I have walked this path of extreme pain and sorrow.  I know the pitfalls and how to navigate around them.  I also know the absolute joy of living pain-free and I want to share all of it with you.

Client Love Notes


reversing diverticulitis


reversing acid reflux

With uncertainties of where to start, my prayers were answered when I met Ki!

4 years ago I was desperate, my 16 year old son had recently been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in his hip and was in severe pain, to the point it was disabling him.  Watching this and not knowing how to help was also affecting my health, I felt helpless, I had put on weight & my right arm was in pain.

I booked a session with Kiran, and she taught me how to incorporate healing foods & spices to meals, along with daily prayers & affirmations.  My son is an extremely picky eater, and is very critical & hard on himself, there is a lot of back and forth with him depending on his diet & self-criticism.  However, when he is eating home cooked meals, I see his mood is lighter & he feels better, we managed to keep him off prescription medication till this day as he is still 80% of the time eating healing foods & is surrounded by love always.  I personally follow the meal plan closely, my pains are gone & I feel amazing!

Ki is a lovely, kind, beautiful soul who truly cares about the people she is helping, you know this because she is blissful with joy when she sees the remarkable miracles.

I am grateful for Ki and all she has done for us, she is truly a blessing!

SUSIE Da Silva

Reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis

How did Cindy get her groove back? She met Kiran Bissoon!

Before I started working with Ki I knew my behaviours towards food needed to change. At the time I had lost about 60lbs by focusing on weight loss and restrictive dieting. However, the binge eating was starting to take over again, the aches and pains of daily life and the social paralysis the pandemic left me with was all consuming plus the weight was returning. I thought if I could just learn how to eat and cook vegetables all my problems would be solved. Ki has the knowledge and credentials but it is her authenticity that gave me the courage to trust her to try new foods, to learn a new way of cooking, with spices and herbs not only for flavour but for healing as well. As I continued with cooking classes, Ki was teaching me about my brain, my heart and my gut. I began to see a shift in my thinking and how I was physically feeling. My doctor was shocked with the improvements seen in my blood work, all numbers in the healthy ranges even my thyroid function improved after years of no change with medication. Ki taught me how to believe in myself again, to manifest what I want in life. I no longer fear social events. I go on trips of my dreams knowing I am capable and have the tools to deal with any anxiety. From simply wanting to learn how to cook vegetables my palate expanded, yes I now eat tofu and drink Matcha tea.


My pantry now contains a variety of grains, nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, legumes and of course dark chocolate and so much more. My fridge is a colourful rainbow of fruits and vegetables.  I am now a participant in this wonderful life I created for myself, the fear has been replaced with confidence.  My blood pressure medication has been reduced by half, I am maintaining my weight loss, I have chased away diabetes, my skin cleared up, the growth of facial hair has reduced, the constant phlegm in my throat has disappeared, I have regular bowel movements but most of all I live in gratitude and joy because of Ki. She gave me all the tools I need and continues to be a source of support and education. If you want to learn about food, heal your body, free your soul call Ki, it’s just that simple.

Cindy b.

Overall wellness

Before I started working with Kiran, I was dealing with high blood pressure. My blood pressure was very high, especially for my age (39), and I was put on 2 different types of medication. This issue, coupled with other health concerns (e.g., overweight, PCOS and irregular periods, elevated cholesterol) created a lot of shame, anxiety, and depression. I used to be thin and fit in my teen years, and being out of shape and not in great health was a major source of embarrassment. I found myself living in denial and feeling paralyzed.


Kiran has introduced me to a new world in terms of health, fitness, and emotion management. I have lost about 12 pounds, my blood pressure medication has decreased by half (my doctor said that my progress "made her day" when I last saw her!), I have more energy and positivity, and my cholesterol is well within the normal range now. I eat much healthier in that I have nearly eliminated dairy and red meat, I have increased protein intake, and I have added many more types of vegetables to meals. This has been instrumental to my physical health improvements and weight loss. I also feel much more hopeful about my future.


Kiran is extremely attentive, caring, genuine, and present. She makes time to meet even during the weekends, as needed. She follows through with recipes, fitness regimens, and other activities that I find really helpful.


Kiran will open your eyes to a new approach. She is validating and firm at the same time. She pushes you and also meets you where you're at. She finds balance, and she is completely non-judgmental of whatever challenges you face. Most importantly, she is your cheerleader!

Sarah G

Reversing High Blood Pressure

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Feed Your Joy is the community you've been looking for, filled with like minded people who are excited to be proactive about their health. Our Ayurvedic approach to consciousness healing and anti-inflammatory foods will help you recover the balance and harmony you're craving to support your mind, body and sprit.

If you’re ready to lose the digestive issues, gain a surplus of energy, and enjoy eating without fear, you’ve come to the right place.

Kiran Bissoon- Ki's Kitchen

Oh, did I forget to introduce myself?

Hi, I’m Kiran!

As a nutritionist, chef and nutritional health coach, who helps people reverse type 2 diabetes, gut health illnesses and other forms of chronic illness/inflammation, it is my blessing to share with you decades worth of experience in the Eastern medicine practice of Ayurvedic Science and Nutrition, consciousness healing, creative international cuisine and cooking secrets that help the body to reset its self-healing mode.

It is my mission to help you stop your illness from getting in the way of living. When you partner with me, we will work to use healing foods to release damaging emotional ties, reverse the symptoms you are feeling, and start to Feed Your Joy!