Eating to Heal

From improving physical health to boosting your immune system, these resources offer invaluable guidance and support for a healthier, happier you.

Unlock Your Holistic Wellness Journey: Discover a World of Mental and Physical Wellbeing in Eating to Heal

In Ki's Kitchen's Eating to Heal community, we offer a holistic approach to support your mental and physical wellbeing, including:

1. Educational Courses:  Science backed and evidence based learning about nutrition, mindfulness, and holistic health practices that you can integrate into your daily life.

2. Wellness Workshops: Participate in workshops focused on stress reduction, meditation, yoga, and other techniques to enhance mental and physical health.

3. Nutritional Guidance: Receive personalized advice on diet and lifestyle changes to support overall wellness.

4. Herbal Teas and Remedies: Enjoy a variety of natural teas and herbal remedies designed to promote relaxation, gut and immune health.

5. Community Support: Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals on similar wellness journeys in a judgement free and safe environment.

6. Mind-Body Practices: Engage in activities that integrate physical and mental health, such as tai chi, qi gong, and mindful movement classes.

Join us to explore these offerings and embark on a transformative journey towards consciousness healing, better mental and physical wellbeing.



When you work with an Ayurvedic food + health coach, you will walk away feeling:

  • Free of the fear of having to live with pain or illness forever
  • In control of destructive eating and thinking habits that have held you back from joy
  • Mentally and physically stronger with a healthy immune system and gut
  • Empowered to make good choices with your meals without any of the guilt of indulgent choices
  • Confident in yourself the amazing impact you can offer to this world

The road to healing is not easy, but the journey is totally worth it. I am living proof that it's possible to overcome extreme mental and physical pain to arrive at strong health. I will meet you where you are in life now, and together we will work to Feed Your Joy!

23 day Eating to Heal with Ki Master Course (1)

23 Day Master Course




Ayurvedic Adaptogenic & Anti-Inflammatory Teas

In Ki's Kitchen, we understand the body's innate nature to be a self healing machine from the inside out. That's why we offer a range of adaptogenic teas inspired by Ayurvedic traditions to support that process.  Ayurveda, is the holistic system of medicine that emphasizes the use of herbal remedies to promote balance, harmony and vitality. Our adaptogenic teas are crafted using time honoured traditions and ingredients passed down through generations of healers, using a blend of herbs and botanicals known for their healing properties. These caffiene free teas help your body to build resilience to stressors, support immune function, strengthen and sooth your gut and promote overall well-being. By incorporating these healing teas into your daily routine, you will support your body on its journey to optimal health and wellness.


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Eating to Heal Community

Private Facebook Group of like-minded Individuals

Step into our dynamic community bursting with ideas, recipes, positive energy, and beyond! Many are searching for ways to heal their bodies through food, and together, we can turn that journey into a shared adventure of learning and growth.


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“I am sooooo grateful to have found Kiran! She has been the missing link on my path of healing naturally and a true blessing! I love that her coaching work encompasses the whole body approach - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - which is the only way to truly heal and thrive. She is incredibly passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of others by sharing not only her abundant knowledge and expertise but also her heart.”