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Let’s work together to begin your love affair with foods and a healthy, empowered lifestyle.

What feeds your joy?

Maybe it’s rocking out in your car to your favorite music. Or maybe it’s cracking open that book on your nightstand. Or perhaps it’s long road trips across the country or jetting it overseas to experience something new.

We all have that *something* that excites and invigorates us.

But let me tell you what feeds my joy - food!

Healthy, fresh foods that empower your mental health, boost your physical wellness, enable compassion for the animals and planet, and make all your joys and dreams in life possible.

Delicious, healthy foods are the gateway to literally feeding your joy, so you can live a lifetime of abundance. As a healing foods company, Ki's Kitchen is here to do exactly that.


When you work with an Ayurvedic food + health coach, you will walk away feeling:

  • Free of the fear of having to live with pain or illness forever
  • In control of destructive eating and thinking habits that have held you back from joy
  • Mentally and physically stronger with a healthy immune system and gut
  • Empowered to make good choices with your meals without any of the guilt of indulgent choices
  • Confident in yourself the amazing impact you can offer to this world

The road to healing is not easy, but the journey is totally worth it. I am living proof that it's possible to overcome extreme mental and physical pain to arrive at strong health. I will meet you where you are in life now, and together we will work to Feed Your Joy!

Natural Medicine

1:1 Coaching Intensive

8* week customized coaching program

Having someone in your corner, someone who has actually experienced real trials by fire of life, lack, loss, doubt, fear and trauma, AND who has come out shining on the other side, that's the type of person you want to have walk through your healing journey with you. I will be your person. You can freely share and express your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental atmosphere.

As a holistic anti-inflammatory foods and gut health specialist, Ayurvedic chef whole foods nutritionist I will use all the tools in my arsenal of research and experience to help you take back control of your health and emerge as the champion you were born to be.


Don’t know which program is right for you or have something else in mind?

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Grab your favorite drink and come to the table with your questions.

I’d love to get to know you.

“I am sooooo grateful to have found Kiran! She has been the missing link on my path of healing naturally and a true blessing! I love that her coaching work encompasses the whole body approach - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - which is the only way to truly heal and thrive. She is incredibly passionate and committed to making a difference in the lives of others by sharing not only her abundant knowledge and expertise but also her heart.”