Holistic Small Group Coaching

there's a lot of conflicting info online about food and what to eat when

Become a master of your health

Whether you've been recently diagnosed with an ailment or you've been managing one for years, I know from personal experience that it can be overwhelming at times. I know, in my own experience, there were times when I felt very much alone, thinking that nobody understood what I was going through.

That's why I created 23 with Ki. As a holistic Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory foods, gut health specialist, chef and nutritionist who has reversed her own chronic illnesses, over the 23 day period I will provide you with the tools, skills and education you need to feel empowered enough to become the Master of your health once again.

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Each program will include:

  • A daily tracker to help you stay in line with your goals, with weekly guided action steps.
  • Ayurvedic Mindfulness, gratitude and forgiveness practices that will lay a foundation for a stronger and more resilient you.
  • Recorded sessions that will include the emotional root causes of the various chronic illnesses, how they manifest physically and what you can do to increase your awareness about your ailment, so that you will feel confident within your thoughts and actions after the 23 days.
  • Private weekly group teaching how what to eat and what to avoid to balance your moods and energy.
  • Q & A sessions with Ki to support your 23 day journey.
  • Access to a private Facebook group filled with those going a similar health journey as you, who will cheer you on and offer support when you need it.
  • Resources in the form of research papers, recipe creators to follow, recommended reading that will help you to feel empowered with your new physical and mental adaptations.
  • 4 free cooking classes to help you feel confident in your new knowledge, and be successful with your short and long term health goals.

You might be asking yourself: What will I eat?!

Your program comes with a 23 day anti-inflammatory whole foods plant based meal plan filled with scrumptious meals, along with quick and easy to follow recipes. The ingredients and meal plans will be customized to each specific ailment.

Shop like a nutritionist! You'll receive a Pantry/Grocery list of foods that will take all the guess-work out of "what do I buy?". Your list will include foods that you will commonly find in most groceries, along with some that will take you out of your comfort zone and expand your palette. With this pantry list in hand, meal prep will become a breeze.

Some of the topics that will be covered within the 23 days:

a) What are anti-inflammatory foods and how to use them
b) Cut the fat (what are healthy and unhealthy fats)
c) What the Gut?! (pre + probiotics)
d) Sugar and our love/hate relationship with it

Ready to get started?

This group coaching program is only $175.

Classes will contain a maximum of 10 people.

“I would recommend Ki's Kitchen to everyone. I'm so thrilled to have meals that I know are delicious, plant-based and anti-inflammatory. This makes it SO EASY for me to keep on track with my eating. My energy levels are night and day when I get the crappy foods out of my system. Ki's Kitchen makes this possible for me by eating foods that I love. When I eat Ki's Kitchen meals regularly (daily) my knee and ankle pain go away and I don't feel the need for a daily nap. Such a difference. Thank you so much Kiran!”