Acne | Could your Diet be a Source of the Problem?

As a teenager, I had terrible skin problems — acne, for the lack of a better word. 

Lots of kids that age say their skin is problematic. But, I truly could not find a way to keep my skin clear of blemishes and bumps. I went through every possible treatment I could find for teen acne, trying without success to clear my skin.

It was pointless to talk to my parents about it.

Both of them have had flawless skin since birth, so needless to say they couldn’t understand what was “wrong” with me. Try as they might, they simply didn’t have the knowledge that only a difficult experience can give to a person about how to deal with and move forward from problem skin in their late childhood.

I was going to have to figure things out on my own, without their help.

Eventually, after trying and failing to find the right solution for my situation, I settled on using prescription drugs to keep my acne at bay. I was relieved when this approach started working. Throughout the years I depended on my medications to prevent the acne from coming back.

Then I turned 40.

I could barely believe it when it all started over again, as if I had become a teenager all over again. The only problem was that this time I was fully grown, with adult responsibilities to worry about. There was no time, and no interest, in feeling like a teenager again. And, I definitely did not want to live another frustrating period of struggling with my complexion.

I called my girlfriends to ask if anyone else was going through what I was experiencing. They could all relate with my experience — I don’t think it’s as rare as I thought it was for women to go through a flare-up of adult acne in their forties. But I didn’t care if others were dealing with it too. I said to myself:

“There’s no way in hell I’m going to let this happen to me. I am NOT doing this twice in one lifetime!”

I was thankful for the tea tree essential oil I used when the acne returned, because it helped me a tremendous amount. However, simply treating the symptoms was not enough. Therefore, I wanted to rid myself of these troublesome blemishes for life.

I think most people forget that the skin is the body’s largest organ.

I certainly do sometimes. It’s amazing how quickly and easily the inflammation in our bodies can be seen through our skin. The sheer amount of surface area the skin covers makes it the most obvious place to see exactly where inflammation is occurring, no matter which part of the body is inflamed.

This inner flaring was what was ultimately causing the adult acne on the surface of my body.

To deal with the problem, I realized I would need to take an ayurvedic approach to healing the inflammation blemishing my skin.

After thinking things through I developed a plan of attack.

I felt confident that a dairy-free, anti-inflammatory lifestyle would provide a permanent fix for my skin problems.

I altered my routine and my eating habits by eliminating foods that typically cause inflammation in the body. Almost like magic, as soon as I made the changes, everything started to clear up. I haven’t had a problem since.

My main takeaway from this experience is that you can take control of your body by closely monitoring what you put into it every day. By making the choice to eliminate inflammatory foods from my diet, I was able to solve a problem that affected me both in my teenage years and after I turned 40. I’ve never felt better about my inner health, and I know I can sustain blemish-free skin, and better overall well-being, for the rest of my life by maintaining the changes I’ve chosen to make.

It’s never too late to figure out what your body needs and to take the necessary steps to strengthen and heal yourself — from the inside out.

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