Rheumatoid Arthritis an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Help

Rheumatoid Arthritis (or RA) is an autoimmune and chronic inflammatory disorder that can cause serious joint pain and damage throughout your body. The symptoms of RA, which can vary from mild to severe, typically occur on both sides of the body and can include: joint swelling, joint stiffness, joint pain, and loss of joint function.…

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Aquafaba – Wait, What? Leftovers?


Aquafaba … No, this is not an aftershave from the 70’s – we’re talking about the leftover liquid you get from boiling chickpeas (it is magic!) Around 3 years ago, a French chef named Joël Roessel made an important discovery that has taken the plant-based world by storm. Experimenting in his kitchen one day, he…

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Romaine Lettuce – Healthy Alternatives to this Staple Food

romaine alternatives

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen romaine lettuce pulled from grocery stores and restaurants across Canada and the U.S. due to an E. Coli outbreak that has resulted in serious illness in several people. Coli is a group of bacteria that live in the intestinal tract of most people and animals. Many strains…

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Spirulina | the little-known Superfood and its Amazing Properties


Have you heard of spirulina? It is truly an amazing superfood with some pretty spectacular benefits. This organism grows in both fresh and salt water and is a blue-green algae that is classified as a cyanobacteria. Like other plants, it gets its energy from the sun through the process of photosynthesis. Spirulina was originally eaten…

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What is an Alkaline Diet and why is it Good for us?

alkaline diet

Don’t worry – we aren’t going back to grade 5 science class when we learned way more than we wanted to know about acids, pH, and alkalinity. 😉 We are going to discuss a very important and relevant topic, however, and that is how to incorporate more alkaline foods into our diet and why we should.…

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When Life Gives You Lemons…Eat More Lemons


Yes, you can definitely make lemonade as well (just be careful not to add sugar, substitutes can be OK), but we also want to talk more specifically about this wonder fruit, lemons. DID YOU KNOW… That Real Estate agents suggest leaving a bowl of fresh lemons in your kitchen when preparing for an open house?…

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Anyone Else Crazy for Cauliflower?


Today we’re going to be talking about one of my favourite cruciferous vegetables – the humble cauliflower. Why do I love it so much? Well, besides being very nutritious, it is an extremely versatile vegetable, with many, many uses. As well, it is high in fiber, but low on the glycemic index, meaning it can be…

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Winter is Coming We Need to Talk about Vitamin D

Vitamin D

For everyone living in the Northern Hemisphere, Vitamin D deficiency can be a worry during the winter months when we see fewer hours of sunlight each day. In the past, Rickets (a disease caused by severe Vitamin D deficiency that results in soft, brittle bones and “bowed” legs) could be found in many third-world countries,…

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Let’s Put the Fun Back in Fibre Foods

fibre foods

Seriously – it is possible! Fibre foods do not have to be our enemy – they can be our friend. Yes, it is true that 95% of North Americans don’t get enough fibre foods in their diet, but here at Ki’s Kitchen, we know that it is VERY doable to get enough fibre – and…

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