Constipation and How you can Take Steps to Avoid it


According to Ayurvedic practice, you are only as healthy as your colon. Proper elimination of your bowels should occur once (or even twice) daily. Stool should be roughly the shape and texture of a ripe banana – that is, well formed, easy to pass, and somewhat bulky. If elimination is less frequent, painful, or not as it…

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The Diverticulitis Diet and how we can Help


Diverticulitis is an infection of the diverticula (small, marble-sized sacs that line the inside of the digestive tract – specifically, the colon). It is estimated that roughly 10% of the North American population (over the age of 40) is affected by diverticulitis. Ranging in severity from minor discomfort to severe pain, and, in some cases,…

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Bowel Movements | Your Body’s Waste Matters

Bowel movements or can be referred to as, solid waste — colour, texture, scent, viscocity, shape, frequency, amount of force required for elimination are paramount to knowing what is happening in your body.   You see, my mom set me on a bowel movement schedule very, very early in my life. And, it has worked…

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