Bowel Movements | Your Body’s Waste Matters

Bowel movements or can be referred to as, solid waste — colour, texture, scent, viscocity, shape, frequency, amount of force required for elimination are paramount to knowing what is happening in your body.   You see, my mom set me on a bowel movement schedule very, very early in my life. And, it has worked…

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What Is Candida, And What Can I Do About it?


A recent study (Rice University, in the United States) found that 70% of us have Candida albicans in our guts. But, the reality is that for most people this is not a problem at all. Candida albicans only becomes an issue when it overgrows, and that is usually as a result of diet or antibiotics. Candida…

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Good Candida friendly . . . almost!

Ki's Kitchen Menu

In honour of a friend of mine, who suffers with bad-Candida, this week’s menu is good-Candida friendly.  In very, very simple terms, Candida is a plant-like fungus that we all have that lives, mostly, in our digestive system. All things being equal, when the good bacteria in our system is working well, we have little…

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