The 6 Alkaline Foods You Don’t Want To Exclude

alkaline diet

The Alkaline Diet, or alkaline foods are something you have probably heard of. And with so many diets and “buzzwords” going around, it’s hard to know which are worth investigating further. At Kis Kitchen I strive to not only arm you with healthy foods, but I think I can arm you with some useful knowledge…

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Disease Prevention Through Your Diet – Is It Possible?

disease prevention

I do want to stress that the following information is not meant to cure, treat or diagnose disease. What it is meant to do is bring to light some knowledge and experience. And, that is on how important diet is to our overall health. And, that eating the right foods, can support us in disease…

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Salt Is Not Your Enemy – The Processed Food Is!


Cut your salt! That’s too much! How often have you said that, or heard that in your life? Probably a good number of times. And, what’s interesting is that it is not your enemy (within reason of course). Processed food is the enemy. It often carries enough salt in one serving to max out three…

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