Ki’s Kitchen Sauces+Seasonings – Great for last minute shopping needs!

Still have a few people to buy for?  Pick up a bottle of Ki’s Seasoning or Sauces for just $5.00 per bottle.

All of our Sauces+Seasonings are Anti-inflammatory, Gluten-free, Sugar/Corn/Peanut-free, packed with healing herbs and spices.

Use our Protein Pesto or Roasted Red Pepper Sauce as a base for your pizza!  Add some may or sour cream and you have a fabulous dip.  Mix with cream cheese, roll in crushed nuts and you have a perfect cheese ball for you holiday party.

Mama’s Fresh Green Seasoning will not only cut down on the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, eliminating the need to chop herbs and seasonings, but it will also add tremendous flavour to your food.

You have not lived until you’ve tried Dad’s Tasty Sauce.  Add it to EVERYTHING, like you guacamole, burgers, salad dressings.  This Tasty Sauce will light up your culinary life!