Refined Sugar and its Affect on your Overall Health


Most of us now know that refined sugar is not good for us. In recent years, we have learned that sugar not only contributes to weight gain and oral caries (cavities), but that it also contributes significantly to diabetes and heart disease. However, the scary thing is that these side effects are just the tip…

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Insulin Resistance | Causes, Foods + Prevention

insulin resistance

Insulin is a hormone that is made by the pancreas. It allows your cells to use glucose (sugar) for energy. In people with insulin resistance, the body’s cells don’t use the insulin effectively – specifically, the cells have trouble absorbing the glucose, leading to a build up of sugar in the blood. Many people confuse…

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Diabetes | The More You Know, The Better


Diabetes is not just for people who are overweight. More and more studies have concluded that this disease is actually caused by an autoimmune response. This means that a combination of stress, unhealthy food choices, leaky gut,  and a lack of exercise are the real culprits. Of course, along with a genetic predisposition. If you…

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Anti-Inflammatory Foods | Get Back To Better Health | Top 7 Foods


Anti-Inflammatory foods can be key to your overall health and well-being. Because unfortunately, thousands of people suffer from conditions that when the immune system overreaches it begins attacking healthy body tissues. Let’s first clear the air though, because inflammation, providing it’s happening in a healthy body isn’t all bad. For example, when you suffer a…

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