Mindful Eating | Are You Practicing This?

mindful eating

Picture the last meal you ate. Can you recall the fragrance? The colours? The textures? Perhaps you can recall what it felt like taking that first bite, or what it felt like when it crossed your lips. Chances are, you can recall the general details, but I’m suggesting you focus deeper. Mindful eating means slowing down…

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Ki’s Kitchen FULL Interview | Inside Scoop

Thank you so much, wholeheartedly, for the overwhelming response from our Facebook Snippet Video. With such a great response, we wanted to give our readers and customers an opportunity to see the full interview right here on our blog!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzeMrDSe4bs –   Here is the link to our new YouTube Channel as well! We’re…

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Great Sources Of Clean Protein | Non Vegetable

great sources of clean protein

What are some great sources of clean protein (non vegetable)? I wasn’t always a vegan. In fact, I only became a vegetarian when I was 13 years old because my mother decided that she was no longer eating meat.When I reached my twenties – rebellion kicked in, and I chose to eat meat (after not having consumed it…

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