Baby Steps to a Healthier You


All of the health and nutrition out there can be overwhelming and down right discouraging, are we right? It seems that everywhere we turn, some health professional or diet guru is claiming something “completely transformational” from just three ingredients, or, even more maddening, the complete opposite of what you read the week before from someone apparently…

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Vegan | 3 Steps to Help you get Started the Right Way


As many of you know, I am vegan – and have been meatless for years. This was an easy choice, but unfortunately it was not an easy transition. We are conditioned to eat meat with just about every meal. Media has told us we need obscene amounts of protein to survive. The Food Guide has…

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Constipation and How you can Take Steps to Avoid it


According to Ayurvedic practice, you are only as healthy as your colon. Proper elimination of your bowels should occur once (or even twice) daily. Stool should be roughly the shape and texture of a ripe banana – that is, well formed, easy to pass, and somewhat bulky. If elimination is less frequent, painful, or not as it…

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A-Z of Healing Herbs and Spices

healing herbs and spices

We thought we would change things up a bit today and focus on some healing herbs. Understanding the role of herbs (and, trying to navigate the aisles at your local health food store) can be overwhelming, to say the least. There are so many varieties, brands, and combinations available to consumers. If we choose to supplement…

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Bowel Movements | Your Body’s Waste Matters

Bowel movements or can be referred to as, solid waste — colour, texture, scent, viscocity, shape, frequency, amount of force required for elimination are paramount to knowing what is happening in your body.   You see, my mom set me on a bowel movement schedule very, very early in my life. And, it has worked…

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The 6 Alkaline Foods You Don’t Want To Exclude

alkaline diet

The Alkaline Diet, or alkaline foods are something you have probably heard of. And with so many diets and “buzzwords” going around, it’s hard to know which are worth investigating further. At Kis Kitchen I strive to not only arm you with healthy foods, but I think I can arm you with some useful knowledge…

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Disease Prevention Through Your Diet – Is It Possible?

disease prevention

I do want to stress that the following information is not meant to cure, treat or diagnose disease. What it is meant to do is bring to light some knowledge and experience. And, that is on how important diet is to our overall health. And, that eating the right foods, can support us in disease…

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Pesticide Use In Canadian Fruits and Vegetables


It’s that time of year again! Fresh fruits and vegetables are in season, and Canadians will be flocking to the farmers markets for the freshest produce available. Although we all want to buy all organic produce to avoid pesticide use, this is not always possible for every person. And it’s not always possible for every…

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Black Pepper | Top 5 Health Benefits You Might Not Know

You might not be surprised to know that black pepper is one of the worlds most traded spices, not too mention one of the most common spices added to different cuisines around the world.  What you might be surprised to know however, are the associated health benefits that black pepper provides.  Believe it not, it is…

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