Vegan | 3 Steps to Help you get Started the Right Way

As many of you know, I am vegan – and have been meatless for years. This was an easy choice, but unfortunately it was not an easy transition. We are conditioned to eat meat with just about every meal. Media has told us we need obscene amounts of protein to survive. The Food Guide has lead us to believe that dairy is the only real source of calcium.  We are told that vegan food is flavourless. 

All of which, are not true. 

Becoming vegan began for us with meatless Monday’s. It was a simple start, and we began by replacing the meat in our favourite recipe’s with veggies. Taco meat was replaced with chopped mushrooms and walnuts, or potatoes. Replace meat in other meals with hearty veggies like eggplant or peppers. Just use the same or similar seasonings you would have otherwise used and Voila, you have a start to your meatless Monday’s. 

What About the Cheese?

This for me was the most difficult transition. Once meatless Monday’s were underway, the next step was cutting out dairy. How could I possibly live without cheese?! This transition took a lot of experimenting. Mac & Cheese was one of my all time favourite meals, so finding the balance of flavours amongst the alternatives took some time. But I did it. And now vegan Mac & Cheese is my new favourite thing.

How do I Get Enough Protein?

I will tell you this, you don’t need as much protein as you are told. Or similarly, there are plant based proteins in foods we are not educated about as well. There are many plants that provide easily digestible proteins, and there are always beans! Not a fan? That’s okay, because there are endless ways to prepare beans that will satisfy your palate. If you are a curry lover, substitute the beef or chicken for lentils or chickpeas. This is probably the most simple solution to your curry cravings. Not a fan of curries? Then you can add chickpeas to salads, to stir fry’s, and to stews. Let’s not forget what a great source of fibre beans are either! Less meat and more fibre sounds like a great start.

Find a list of plant based proteins here

The key here isn’t to worry about nutrition. It’s to understand that eating vegan is actually more nutritious than having meat in every meal.

Don’t sweat it.

I think the biggest hurdles are the ones we create in our minds. You don’t have to become vegan tomorrow. You don’t really have to become vegan at all. But starting with small steps, like meatless Monday’s is a fantastic start. A gradual change, without placing pressure on yourself is more likely to be the change that sticks. 

You’ll Love Your Vegan Results

Maybe not immediately. but all good things take time. Get creative and try different flavours. Create a bowl of beautiful colours, make it fun. Most importantly, you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Less inflammation, fewer illnesses, and most of all you will feel better about being in better control of your health.

If you decide you need help, that’s what I’m here for! Vegan made easy. 

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