Let’s Put the Fun Back in Fibre Foods

fibre foods

Seriously – it is possible! Fibre foods do not have to be our enemy – they can be our friend. Yes, it is true that 95% of North Americans don’t get enough fibre foods in their diet, but here at Ki’s Kitchen, we know that it is VERY doable to get enough fibre – and…

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Vegan | 3 Steps to Help you get Started the Right Way


As many of you know, I am vegan – and have been meatless for years. This was an easy choice, but unfortunately it was not an easy transition. We are conditioned to eat meat with just about every meal. Media has told us we need obscene amounts of protein to survive. The Food Guide has…

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Fibre – How Important Is It And Are You Getting Enough?


Fibre, we know we need it, but even with all the fibre-added foods out there, most people are still deficient. The modern western diet has left people with a serious nutrient deficiency, fibre. It is estimated that less than 5 percent of people living in North America get the recommended amount of dietary fibre each day.…

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