Baby Steps to a Healthier You | That you Deserve

healthier you

All of the health and nutrition out there can be overwhelming and down right discouraging, are we right? When you just want to be healthier! It seems that everywhere we turn, some health professional or diet guru is claiming something “completely transformational” from just three ingredients, or, even more maddening, the complete opposite of what you…

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Insulin Resistance | Causes, Foods + Prevention

insulin resistance

Insulin is a hormone that is made by the pancreas. It allows your cells to use glucose (sugar) for energy. In people with insulin resistance, the body’s cells don’t use the insulin effectively – specifically, the cells have trouble absorbing the glucose, leading to a build up of sugar in the blood. Many people confuse…

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Proactive Health versus Reactive Health | My own Journey

proactive health

The following is not directed at any one person, and is not written with intention to offend anyone fighting critical, terminal, and life long illnesses.      It is all too often that we are much more reactive with our health, than practicing proactive health. This is most evident in how we treat our bodies.…

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What the Colour of Your Urine is Trying to Tell You


What your digestive system produces as waste, is an incredibly important indicator to whether your body is functioning optimally. The colour, texture, viscosity, frequency, scent, of your urine all play a vital role in reading the messages correctly.    So I know this can be an uncomfortable subject to be talking about, but we’re not…

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Salt Is Not Your Enemy – The Processed Food Is!


Cut your salt! That’s too much! How often have you said that, or heard that in your life? Probably a good number of times. And, what’s interesting is that it is not your enemy (within reason of course). Processed food is the enemy. It often carries enough salt in one serving to max out three…

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Black Pepper | Top 5 Health Benefits You Might Not Know

You might not be surprised to know that black pepper is one of the worlds most traded spices, not too mention one of the most common spices added to different cuisines around the world.  What you might be surprised to know however, are the associated health benefits that black pepper provides.  Believe it not, it is…

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