Proactive Health versus Reactive Health | My own Journey

The following is not directed at any one person, and is not written with intention to offend anyone fighting critical, terminal, and life long illnesses.   
It is all too often that we are much more reactive with our health, than practicing proactive health. This is most evident in how we treat our bodies. Loads of people jump on the “healthy” bandwagon once a crisis hits. A crisis being a heart attack, diagnosed with diabetes or high cholesterol, and so on.

Why are we Reactive Instead of Proactive?

Why do we wait for things to escalate and only THEN react to the situation? Usually by that point the situation becomes dire and requires medication. Where alternatively, taking the time to make the right decisions when all is going well, in order for things to hopefully, continue on that path.
Informing yourself is one thing, but there is no point to gathering the information if you do not turn the theory into practice. 
The main excuses I hear are;
  1. I don’t have time, i’m too busy with work and kids
  2. Being healthy is too expensive, I can’t afford it

Excuse #1 – Time

What is your time worth to you?
 Let’s look at this a different way. How much time do you lose from your lifestyle, when you are laying in bed with a horrible cold? This same cold (or sickness) that requires time off work. Two (2) or three (3) times a year?  
Let’s do some quick math on this. Let’s say your time is worth $30 anhour, and you’re sick in bed for 2 days x8 hours a day x twice per year =  LOSS DUE TO SICKNESS. And, you haven’t even bought medication yet! 
I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not have $960 to throw away! 

The alternative? Treat food as fuel rather than a chore

Here are a few affordable suggestions you can implement right away.
  • Use essential oils like oil of oregano daily to combat possible future illnesses
  • Drink herbal teas that boost your immune system daily
  • Wash your hands with warm soapy water often
  • Get some daily exercise
Now, I am not saying you won’t get sick at all, but certainly you will decrease the chances and if you do get sick your down time will be decreased as well. Practicing proactive health is much kinder to your watch than being reactive. 

Excuse #2 – Too Expensive

Maintaining a healing body is actually not expensive.  Let’s debunk that myth. I will agree however, that if you have to consume only organic foods, yes, that can be sinfully expensive. It is a pet peeve of mine that the best quality foods are out of range financially for the majority of the population. 
In the new year Ki’s Kitchen will be hosting a selection of workshops, one of which will be ‘How make a healthy healing meal for 4 people on $20’.  Alternatively, you can book a group in-home cooking class and let us show you how to get on the right track from the start of the year!  Book here –
Yes, it is possible to maintain a nutrient rich body on a minimal budget.  Of course, in the beginning it requires some sacrifices of time and energy, but once you get the hang of it, it will become easier. 
I promise.
Vegetables, overall, are much more affordable than meat. Learning the correct combinations and flavours is all that is necessary for a satisfying, nourishing meal. So when chat about proactive health — this should include menu planning and sale shopping to help you maximize those efforts. 
Ki’s Kitchen teaches you how in all our workshops and cooking classes.

My Personal Story on Proactive Health vs. Reactive

In the past, and for most of my life, I suffered with 4 terrible colds per year that always turned into flus with or without bronchitis and/or sinusitis.
In 2016, I took a hard look at how I was treating myself, how much time i was dedicating to being proactive vs. reactive (which was little to none) and decided to make a change. I adopted an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that included low sugar foods, warm lemon water, Ki’s Kitchen Turmeric tea, essential oils, vitamin supplements – B complex, D, B12, C. (i was deficient in vit. B12 and D), and daily exercise.  And of course, the mental work – gratitude and forgiveness journaling and meditation or quiet time.
Since making that change I have not been sick once. Even when my husband has come home feeling under the weather, I double up on our regular holistic routine, add in some concentrated elderberry syrup and tulsi/clove/ginger tea, and by morning all signs of illness are gone.
I will admit, in the beginning it took a bit out of me to remember to incorporate everything into our lives. But, after a couple of months it became routine. Sure, it takes a bit of a bite out of our monthly income to live this way, but when I consider that we no longer need time off due to illness, it also means no need to purchase medication.
We feel more energized and are physically and mentally stronger than in the past, that to me, it’s worth it.

Here’s the thing, we all make grandiose plans for what we would like to do with our lives.

And I say that to say this — the key to all of those plans is being physically and mentally healthy so that you can turn them into reality. What you give priority to in your mind is what you will achieve. 
Your body is  your vehicle to bringing all your dreams to fruition, but you must treat it with the respect it deserves.
Be proactive with regards to your mental and physical health. Ditch being reactive, it’s not serving your good. 

Furthermore, Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you have found some valuable information, if so, I’d love to hear about it!

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From our kitchen to yours,

Love + Peace


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  1. Rick Phillips on January 25, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Oh it is so much easier to do the right thing than worry because you did the wrong or even worse nothing. I will take proactive any day.