Food Combining: Have Your Cake And Eat It First!

Quite often, after enjoying a meal, one starts to feel this sensation of bloating, lethargy, discomfort, etc.  Too many believe, this is normal and the sign of a satisfying meal.  Here comes the bad news .. In fact it is the complete opposite.  And, one way of avoiding this is to avoid over eating. But, the other is to explore the world we call, food combining

At no time should you feel anything but energized after a meal.  It is NOT normal to feel tired or sluggish or like you need a nap. And, you should not be expelling gas from any region of the body after a meal. Despite how good it might feel at the time!  

If you experience any of these, it is most likely not only WHAT you ate, but the ORDER in which you ate it.


Proper Food Combining is Essential to a Healthy Digestive System  

I can tell you from personal experience, having been a “healthy” eater most of my life, I have always suffered from some form of indigestion.  Since changing my ways (95% of the time) of eating. Not only what I eat, but in which order I consume the foods, indigestion, is 95% a thing of the past for me.  The other 5% of the time, I indulge on purpose. Knowing that I will pay the price for it half an hour after eating.
Of course at the root of most digestion problems, is sugar.  I don’t know about you, but all of my life I have always craved something sweet. No matter how small it might be, after dinner.  I felt as if my meal was not complete if I didn’t have that little something.  And of course, every time I would let my craving get the best of me. And, I would suffer with the discomfort of indigestion, soon after.  

That’s Where it All Began …

food combining

It was only when I started to research proper food combining and start to learn about the effects of sugar on the digestive system. Not to mention the body as a whole. It was then I realized that eating a sugar based product after dinner was causing most of my discomfort. 
The minute I cut that out, problem solved. 
Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE PIE AND CAKE, I LIVE for PIES AND CAKES!
So, to eliminate them from my life was a no go. Recently I tried an experiment and decided to have my dessert BEFORE dinner. Not to worry, I not only ate ALL my dessert, but 1/2 hour later I ate ALL my dinner too. 
What I noticed was there was no discomfort, no indigestion, no bloating. 
Why is that? You might ask. 
The reason is because sugar (fruits, and/or added  refined sugar) takes 15 minutes to be processed through your system and enter your blood stream.  If it is mixed with other foods that take longer to digest (basically anything that is not sugar), the sugar will start to ferment and give off gas. And, your blood sugar levels will spike. 
You would feel these effects as bloating, feeling the need for a nap, and needing to expel gas from your body. This is where proper food combining is important. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Food Combining

– Add fruit (fresh or dried) to your salad
– Use sweetened salad dressings, that includes balsamic – or at the very least, minimise the amount of added sweet ingredients.
– Have fruit after dinner, especially if you are diabetic
– Blend cow’s milk with fruit – NO dairy in your smoothies
– Mix different kinds of fruits together. Eat like fruits in one sitting (all berries can be eaten at the same time, but not bananas and berries for example)
– Mix fruits and vegetables together
– Have your dessert first
– Try to space out your foods that contain sugar from those that do not by half hour
– Enjoy your sticky sweet barbecued ribs, but eat them first. Then follow up with some dark leafy greens (cooked or fresh) instead of potatoes (more sugar)
– Enjoy your fruits, alone, separate from any other food, and no other food for 1/2 hour
In case you would like to check out my most recommended resource on Food Combining .. Here’s the link to their website! You will also find a more comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts, all of which I have tried, tested and true!
Love to hear your feedback as well! Have you tried food combining before? 

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