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Gluten free seems to be the new buzzword we are hearing and seeing everywhere. From sweets, to meals, to entire restaurants, it can make you wonder if you should be eating gluten free as well.

Before you start making drastic changes to your diet, there are some things to consider. Although gluten free foods are becoming more readily available, they still have a long way to go. Restrictive diets can be difficult for many to follow (which is why I am here to serve you). However, you should always walk into a new eating plan with adequate education on why you are making these changes, and how they will work (or not) for your body.

And of course, having celiac disease, or even just a gluten intolerance can have drastic effects on your digestive system. With that being said, these are the people that must stay away from gluten all together. Not only for long term health reasons, but for day to day functioning.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley, and rye. Which are in so many more foods that just breads, flours, and pastas. Gluten is what makes your breads and cookies stretchy and chewy.  

For people with celiac disease, the gluten in these grains can damage the intestinal walls and lead to very serious health problems. And while a gluten sensitivity or intolerance may not have the same immediate and drastic results, a gluten free diet is the only answer to being relieved of the painful and embarrassing symptoms.

So what does this mean for you?

There is a big difference between a low carb diet, and one that is gluten free. If low carb is what you are looking for, there is no reason to make such a dramatic change to how you are eating. Gluten is not just found in foods that are high in carbohydrates. Gluten is found in many sauces as  a thickener, salad dressings, soups, and many processed foods.

However, studies have shown an overwhelming number of people are sensitive to gluten. Science is revealing that many, if not most diseases are caused by an autoimmune response created by the body. This response is said to begin with something called “leaky gut”, which is the damage caused to the walls of the digestive system. This causes bacteria and other toxins to be released into the bloodstream, which in turn leads to illness. Leaky gut is created by the intolerance to gluten.

Most people do not have noticeable side effects related to consuming foods with gluten. This makes the change to a gluten free diet seem unnecessary, and even dramatic. But for those who may just not ‘feel right’, are excessively sleepy throughout the day, or are suffering from autoimmune disease; this could be the answer you are looking for.

What’s Next for Gluten Free?

If you think there is a chance you could be gluten intolerant, you should consult a health care practitioner or a Naturopath.

Otherwise, decreasing the amount of gluten you consume is never a bad idea. With so many gluten free options available, you won’t have to say good bye to your favorite foods. In fact, here at Ki’s Kitchen, the sauces, dressings, and soups are made from scratch. This leaves special attention to ensuring those with gluten free diets are safe to consume what is prepared for them.

Buy a Bread Maker

This doesn’t need to be a torturous experience. Eating gluten free no longer means you have to live the rest of your days without the things you love. For some, it’s just easier to eliminate foods all together. But for most, favorites need to be replaced. With endless recipes, and gluten free flours available, being gluten free will not mean being bread free.

You Don’t Even Have to Give Up Cake! gluten free

We’ve come a mighty long way in the gluten free food department. Just a decade ago, being gluten free meant you were literally giving up food as you knew it. With so many new food combinations, and the sea of at home cooks who have worked tirelessly to make gluten free eating enjoyable, there is practically nothing you can’t substitute.

Cakes can be made with coconut flour, grain free flours are used to make your favorite breads and pastas.  Sauces and soups can be made without giving gluten or grains a second thought. We have even become  super creative and will make pizza dough with cauliflower!

Fall in Love With Indian Food

Eating out gluten free does not having to be a daunting task either. Out of all the cultural diets to fall in love with, Indian food naturally carries the least amount of gluten. With sauces that are naturally thickened with yogurt, and some breads made with chickpea flour, gluten free does not need to be that tricky.  Having to avoid the Naan, Parantha, or Roti could become really hard for some, but with such extensive menu’s there is always something else to equally please your palate. 

In addition, there are many more choices in relation to eating out while gluten free. It’s just a matter of taking your time to try something new.  

And let’s be honest, if these choices aren’t for you, they remain choices, you don’t have to make. My hope is that you will be better informed, thus making you able to make an educated decision regarding your health and your lifestyle. 

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